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Well, I don't exactly run a store with standard inventory, but I do local craft shows, and I often have items done up for such shows. Now that I have gotten off my lazy duff, you can click on the inventory categories displayed above, to see what I have "in stock" so to speak.

I am VERY opportunistic when sourcing construction materials. I look for bargains, off cuts, reclaimed wood, etc. Of course, the nature of some projects REQUIRE fresh new lumber, but what I really mean to say is that if you see something I have done, it may have been made with materials that I cannot easily obtain again. For example, Debbie found a really great deal on some Hickory laminations, and I made a batch of cutting boards that look quite nice. However, when those run out, they're out. I am unlikely to find an identical batch of Hickory pieces again.

I am open to "comissioned" work. Usualy this is in the form of someone seeing what I have made for someone else, then asking, "Could you make one of those for me, only a little different???"

My modest shop can do limited runs of CNC and Laser Engraving, as well as conventional woodworking fabrication. I also offer "woodburning by hand" if you have a more authentic homemade look to your project in mind.

I can also accomodate any reasonable 3D printing that might be required for your custom project.

If you have a model kit that has been sitting on your shelf for years, because you never felt the confidence to build it, I can certainly try to ruin, uh, I mean assemble it for you.

If you have an idea for something you would like me to make or customize for you, please Send Me a Message.