CNC and Laser

Monty's workshop boasts large format CNC and Laser machines, capable of pieces up to 36 x 36 inches.

Whether you have a one off custom sign in mind, or a small limited run of some production pieces, Monty can fulfill your order.

3D Printing

Monty also has small array of 3D Printers, LulzBot, Ender and Bambu.

If your project requires 3D Printing, Monty can execute your custom build.


The workshop is fully equipped with traditional (non automated) tools, such as dual table saws, bandsaw, jointer, thickness planer, lathe, mitre saw, etc.

If your project entails more traditional handmade woodworking, Monty can accomodate.

Fine Modelcrafting

Monty has decades of experience building scale models, both from kits as well as from scratch.

If your project requires fine modelling skills, Monty can deliver.